Friday, May 9, 2008

The next crazy days...

I decided to be with Lucas, and follow my heart, but I really wanted to take it slow. I had been in a relationship for over five years, and I wanted to date, go through the getting to know each other and have fun.

The day after I broke it off with the other guy, I was nervous. I didn't know if Lucas actually wanted to date me. I woke up at 4am sick to my stomach with fear that I had ruined everything.

I came to work, and told him the news. He was happy about it, so it rested my mind a little. I also said I wanted to finally watch "King of Kong" with him and his projector at his home. He had asked me to go the week before when I was still in the relationship and I wanted to go but couldn't. We set that date at lunch, at Mas' Islamic of course, as he was asking me to come to China with him this summer. So off with the slow start!

After work we went to his house, and had dinner at a nice Italian restaurant in Fullerton by candlelight. Then, I spent the night so we could go to the Griffith Observatory the next day. We went to the Observatory and had so much fun. We hiked up a huge hill and watched the scenery of the city, and learned about space all day. I kept getting messages from my mom and friends who were worried sick ab0ut me though. I didn't want to even go into what was happening because no one would understand, and that is why the story played out the way it does.

That night I finally called my Mom after hundreds of crying messages. She proceeded to yell at me and say I couldn't see Lucas anymore "The other man" and she wanted me back home and back with Cameron. I, being my stubborn self, yelled back, hung up and worried about what I was going to do. We talked about our options, and the only way to stay together was for me to live there. We had only dated for ONE DAY but I was going to sneak out of my house and live with him. We both knew that there was something different there, and we had to stay together.

I also kept getting calls from Cameron. He was also crying, and going around to all the things we used to do and crying over them and taking pictures and sending them to me. Along with that was all of my friends freaking out calling me to see if I was alive. It was a crazy jump, and no one was even aware I liked another guy, or that I was thinking of leaving Cameron.

That Saturday night I took him down to Norco, where my Mom and Dad were sleeping at 1am to sneak out and move to Anaheim with him. I dropped him off a block from my house to walk around the stinky streets of the horse town, as my heart beat out of my chest with fear. I crept inside the house, and my Dad was on the computer, turned away, and my Mom fell asleep on the couch right next to the door! I shoved things inside trash bags as quickly and quietly as I could. It took an hour to throw everything I had to have in bags and place them outside the door. The very last bag woke her up a bit, and I ran and through everything in my car and sped down the street. I tried calling Lucas, but he didn't answer. I didn't know if he got hit by a car, or if he called his friend Jason to pick him up from this crazy girl's life.

I frantically called, and finally reached him after about ten tries. He was a mile down the street in the pitch dark. We drove home, and started the Roboto family.