Tuesday, July 21, 2009

...Update since the last posts

We've been pretty busy this summer. I've (Rachel) been in school constantly and working and Lucas is hard at work too. Our plan is to create this blog as more of a travel blog with more updates on our life that will link to our lovely pictures which are at over 6,000 right now.

It's blazing hot, as Lucas would say, and we are still in our little apartment down the street from work in Anaheim. We are looking into renting the apartments close to work. They are building some beautiful apartments right now and they would be steps away from the office, the train station and Kaizer so it should be a go if the price is low enough.

Next week we are planning a small road trip with the geek squad to Las Vegas. We are going for Defcon (the hacker convention) but will be staying at Mandalay Bay (woop woop) and shopping/partying it up geeky style all weekend. Lucas, Dustin, Johnny, Jason, Ira, Patrick and I will be going together.

Also, last week was Brooke's (my cousin) wedding to her new Pollock hubby, Martin. We had a blast at their low key beach wedding in Laguna. We met the extended family like Martin's dad, brother, cousin and uncle. Cupcakes and champagne galore so I was happy.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Us in Laguna (Click on picture for full gallery...)"]Rachel and Lucas in Laguna[/caption]