Saturday, April 10, 2010


It has been a while since I've written anything on our blog, so I thought I would post an update of what we're up to. I'm busy with school (statistics/business research) right now, Lucas just got accepted to Cal State Fullerton's graduate program for electrical engineering specializing in computer engineering! We are still looking for houses, we got gym passes so we are yoga buffs and we bought our tickets to China!

So, my first time in Asia will be for the World Fair 2010 in Shanghai in October. I've got my two words down "Ni Hao", my ticket abroad and an empty suitcase to shop to my heart's desire. I don't have a good update on the China trip yet except that we are staying in Shanghai for a week with Lucas' friend, hiking through Hangzhou (inspired Pandora in Avatar - they claim) and taking a train to Beijing to see the great wall, Lucas' family and fly out. I would have never thought I would be traveling to China as my first Asian trip because I've always dreamed on Japan, but that will be for next time, Konnichiwa, O genki desu ka?

I will follow up with more information on our trip plans, our summer plans, our house buying excursions, photos and possibly a new blog layout woo hoo!