Monday, August 2, 2010

Compost Fun!

I've been waiting a long time to get my composting going, but I have finally done my part, grabbed an 18 gallon plastic bin, screwed holes in it and threw my food in it - why did I wait so long for something this easy?? Probably because I was scared I was going to have a stinky bug infested bin in my house, but it's not true at all. At first, I just started throwing my scraps in a small crate outside. This was a bad idea because the buggies loved it and I had a million gnats out there and it got too dry. I ended up buying a simple plastic storage bin from Target and putting some small holes in it with a drill. I dumped my scraps in there and poured some water on it and it is much better. The best part about it is that the lid keeps the area stink free and the bugs aren't as bad.

Next week, my shipment of red wigglers (wormies) are coming to eat my food and give me their rich wormy poo for my garden! I'm uber excited to see this compost come to life! The best part about this is less trips to the trash bin, I'm throwing away WAY less trash because I cook so much and have so many organic compounds already. Most of my waste goes into this new bin for my future wormy friends to fiest on and continue the circle of life!

I will update and show pics of the process as it continues, and I will also show my little pets when they arrive in the mail.

Steps to compost on your own (even in an apartment):


1 - 18 gallon bin w/ a lid (or larger if you have the space)

1 - small trash can for compost materials in the kitchen

1 - pound of red wigglers (wormy friends to eat and poo in your bin)


Drill small holes all over your bin. Place shredded paper or dry brown leaves on the bottom (about 1 inch). Put your food scraps on top of that as you go along. Dump in food as you receive it rather than all at once. Put on the lid and let it sit! Wormies will eat your food. Make sure there is enough moisture in the compost without being wet. That's it....