Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More Leafy Updates

So I spoke about the car buying experience, but the car driving experience is something not many people are aware of.  There is a 100 mile range on the car that fluctuates depending on the type of driving and the type of driver you are. I watch a bar jump up and down on my dash that is miles/kwh. When I excellerate or go above 65 mph I get about 1.5 to 2 miles per kwh. When I'm driving in the streets I get around 6 miles/kwh and when I'm coasting on the regenerative brakes I'm up to the 8 miles/kwh. The less that number is, the worse the range will be.

Fun experiences were (not) had by all when we took a drive to LA. Regular driving habits would tell you on a Friday night going up to LA to jump in the carpool and speed up there at the speed of cars around you (like 75 mph). This is a Leaf killer! Going over the speed limit made our range meter plummet and our car began to talk to us "You will not make it to your destination"!!!

Many things went wrong with this trip I would not repeat/ have learned from:

1. I didn't charge to 100% at work

2. I went home after 20 miles of driving and didn't charge

3. I started my trip at around 75 miles of range

4. I jumped in the carpool and drove at top speed

5. I picked a route that was longer instead of taking the 5 freeway (without viewing the route or extra miles this added on)

As the car range sank, we began to frantically look at the nav. Of course it won't let you do much as the car is driving so we pulled into a gas station (why don't they have a charger??) to figure this out. Luckily there was a Nissan dealer in Glendora that saved the day and was on our route five miles away. We got dinner, charged for an hour, and made it to LA no problem. We changed our driving habits to not do the five deadly sins above and it fixed the issues.

I love how the Leaf forces me to drive how I'm supposed to! Best of all there is a competition online for all Leaf owners in the world!

Leafy is #109 in the world for the most trees grown! (the Leaf tracks how many trees you are saving - or your reduced carbon footprint) but the car was at #95 the other day, so I have to kick some butt saving more electric trees. I also can track what the Leaf is doing remotely and start charging through the website or a mobile phone. Check them out:

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