Sunday, December 4, 2011

BID (Before I Die) List

I have been making my BID (Before I Die) List in my head for so many years, and recently saw it on another blog - which inspired me to document and follow through on my list! So here goes the first run!

  1. See the 7 wonders of the world (6 to go)

  2. Walk on Machu Picchu

  3. Scuba dive in a tropical location

  4. Go to Yosemite

  5. Go to Coachella music festival and camp

  6. Learn French

  7. Go to France

  8. Go to Canada

  9. Backpack Europe

  10. Find my relatives in Norway

  11. Create a cooking video

  12. Create a vegan cookbook

  13. Live in a foreign country for over a year

  14. Mountain climb

  15. Snorkel in a tropical location

  16. Go to Hawaii

  17. Get married in a garden