Sunday, June 17, 2012

On my mind this summa time.

I wanted to write again and have things on my mind this summer time. A lot of things are about to change for us. 2012 has been a slow but ever eventful year. The start of 2013 will start a whole new adventure for the Robotos and I must start the planning process. Lucas will be done with his masters this December and is starting to focus in on his research and final project. I will be starting French this fall and continuing my career path gaining more skillz. The eventual progression of these activities will culminate into something we waited for so long! More on this later. The puzzle is coming together and I'm picking the pieces up now and I'm excited to see the end result in the years to come. For now, I thought I would do a mind dump of the many lists I create in my head for future crossing off. The traveling has been on hiatus for now, so the list is bloated and waiting to be crossed off!

Top vacations to do:

1. Paris /  Bar-Sur-Aube / Marseilles, France (meet the frenchies, speak in frenchie)

2. Tokyo / Okinawa (mount Fuji and cherry blossoms /Asian beach extravaganza)

3. Singapore / Hong Kong (Looking for masters programs / Rachel's tolerance level)

4. Sri Lanka / Maldives (Elephant parades, scuba diving, meet the fam)

5. Sweeden / Norway (looking for the Strand family / hacker connection)

6. Montreal / Vancouver (East Coast - West Coast Canadian thing / meet the Frenchies part II)

7. Costa Rica / Panama (latin paradise)

8. Hawaii (Bucket list vacation - Kauaii)

9. Machu Picchu / Argentina (hike the Inca trail / wonder of the world)

10. Medeteranian - Greece, Spain, France, Egypt (backpacking through history)

11. Prague / Croatia (dance party / beautiful buildings)