Thursday, June 28, 2012

San Diego Code Camp - SCRUM & Airbnb!

We visited the San Diego Code Camp last weekend via Amtrak and bike and for the first time using Getting to San Diego was the biggest adventure of all taking half the day (forgetting the bike key, traveling in OC by bus at 7am, arriving to La Jolla, taking the bus the wrong direction! Riding 3 miles up hill to the house etc.). Air bnb was pretty amazing and our first time using the service. This is a service where a person puts their apartment or home up as a hotel. For fairly cheap you can stay in a stranger's home as their either host you (stay there too), or give up their place like a hotel for as long as you ask for.

We stayed with the girl in her apartment. Very odd feeling walking into a stranger's home and sleeping in their bed, but hey - it saved us tons of money and was a cool way to stay in SD. I would recommend it to people who want something different on their vacation. You can do this ANYWHERE in the world including random forest cottages of Sweeden, to little huts in Sri Lanka, to the middle of Paris! Staying with friends is my favorite way of traveling, and if you don't know someone in a specific area - this is the next best thing.

The code camp was very interesting for me to learn more about Agile project management and SCRUM. I find it extremely interesting and a completing different way to efficiently complete projects and more importantly use VOC (voice of the customer), test driven development, and quick turn-around times for ship able products. The entire culture of a company must be flipped on it's head to allow empowered employees lead their own teams, lose the managers, and push each other to achieve quick and data driven goals. I love it and want to learn more about becoming a SCRUM master (which sounds weird but is pretty cool). We'll see the progress of that education in my near future!