Monday, February 18, 2013

Los Angeles

After many years of discussions and dreams of where we would like to move next, our need for movement and change has now left us in our new home of LA. After living in Orange County for five years, and before that in cow town USA (for me), I truly have never witnessed city life. The good and the bad are all here. On one hand I get to meet diverse people, eat amazing food, go to fun events, and actually walk and take the subway. On the other hand, I get to drive by skid row on my way home if I so choose.

The move has been very positive with an abundance of activities, I feel inspired to create more and document what I'm feeling and seeing out here. The OC seemed to dampen my creativity and leave me feeling tired and bored. With my new sense of exuberance I will be blogging more, and producing more art.

After yesterday's LA Zine Fest, I felt I needed to create again. I saw that DIY zines were still a thriving medium and it was actually refreshing to see people using their hands, trading, creating, and expressing themselves through print. After 10 years, I will be resurrecting the Atheist 80's Dance Club zine and making my own based on The Story.

More to see and more to come..