Sunday, April 7, 2013

Loving Huts Around the World

I have been traveling the world writing about my favorite restaurants everywhere I go. Over the course of traveling, Loving Hut has saved me countless times because it is in every country and every where I need a good vegan meal! So far, I have been to these 11 locations and will go to 5 more locations :

  • California: Orange, Brea, San Francisco (2), Claremont, Huntington Beach, San Jose (Vegetarian House)

  • China: Beijing, Shanghai

  • New York: Manhattan

  • Florida: Orlando

Going this year:

  • Hawaii: Honolulu (2)

  • Europe: Paris, Norway, Belgium

In each location, I get to know the owner and like to understand what makes their Loving Hut different than the others. My favorite was the Loving Hut in Shanghai where Xu told us of how each employee was a volunteer. They made very cheap food, very well. I had the most amazing homemade dumplings and sat with the owner after with a juice.

Since I will be traveling to more Loving Huts around the world, and will continue to do so in every country I visit, I want to be sponsored by Loving Hut to fuel my travels! I want to promote vegan traveling, and you can’t do that without mentioning Loving Hut!