Friday, May 22, 2015

Milan Highlights

I was told to skip Milan by other travelers, but the Expo was there, so we decided to go. Much to our surprise, the city was fantastic, the people were nice and helpful, the food was varied and really tasty, and getting soy pistachio gelato for 2 euro at 11:30 at night and taking a stroll along with the hundreds of locals also out is just fun. The coffee is so cheap and so much better it will make you cry. 

We stayed near Duomo, so Primus was down the street and offered vegan croissants and cappuccino di soya. For two cappuccinos and two croissants it was about $6 and about 100x better than Starbucks. Gelato from Frozen was on the same street and open late. A three scoop (as big as my fist) gelato with three flavors was only about $4 and the best ice cream ever made. We could also walk into many other restaurants that are all pretty veg-friendly and offer nice options. I thought it would only be Italian food, but we barely ate any pasta or other traditional Italian foods. The city and food are diverse.

There are tons of restaurants to walk by and people to see. People talk loud and look happy, they stay up late and make-out in the street, they drink wine or coffee at every meal, and they are quick about it. The city constantly reminds me of France, but the culture and food is so different. I loved the city and Milano.

Best restaurant: Alhambra Café
Best gelato: Frozen

Best coffee/croissant: Primus