Friday, May 22, 2015

Venice, Italy

On our 4th day in Italy, we took a train to Venice. It was on-and-off rain, but it was still a great day. We started with a water taxi ride down the Grand Canal that runs through the middle of the island. The city is old and beautiful, and a ride through the canal is only 7 Euro each. It lasts an hour and passes many of the top sites. We traveled to Lido for food (see review of Bio Sound System Vegetarian and Vegan CafĂ©). 

The city is beautiful, but one day is enough to see the town. The place is overrun by American and Chinese tour groups, so a quick trip was plenty. Walking through the tight alleys where our small umbrella couldn’t even fit and tight corners and alleys that ended in a drop off into the water were the highlights. The town is confusing to navigate through so GPS was extremely handy because we took many circular routes. Rather than taking a gondola ride or getting smothered to death at San Marco by loud, old, slow tour groups or young kids with selfie sticks, try taking a simple walk to see that Italy kitty or wine glasses to-go for .50 euro!