So we're still in the final planning stages of our trip to China. I've picked the which countries to hit up at the world fair on which days, found more vegan restaurants, some clubs, and compiled a huge list of what to buy (Kimono, art, clothes, luggage, jewelry, shoes, Mao memorabilia obviously). We practiced more Chinese with Jacob's new girlfriend yesterday, which is great for us to practice so soon to our departure. I finally have my Chinese name that she translated for me too: Rui qui! (pronounced: Ruee Choo). Wo Jiao Rui Qui! I got down my only phrase to tell the waiter: Wo shi chi su de ren (I am a vegetarian). I even got some uber walking shoes for the hundreds of miles we will inevitably walk.

New ideas for China: Pictures of awesome English phrases like on are always fun, Have a terrible conversation with every Chinese consisting of probably "Ni Hao" to everyone and clubbin for Lucas' birthday.