There are 5 days until China and the vegan food hunt continues. There are very few resources for finding reviews for vegan/vegetarian restaurants in China (like a Yelp! alternative). Happy Cow is there, but not many reviews exist and it scares me a little because their restaurants do not show up on Google Maps. I've decided to write extensive reviews on all the food adventures we have along with our regular travel blog. The only good resources are from people's personal blogs, so I will explain my vegan experiences with language barriers, restaurants, grocery stores and hidden gems inside the massive cities of Shanghai, Beijing, and Huangshan.

So far, I'm going to check out Godly. Godly is an 80 year old vegan restaurant with fake meats mimicking Chinese staple foods. The best thing about this place is that it is also located in the World Fair Expo so we can spend all day at the expo and not only survive off of granola bars and water.

I have a list of other restaurants that are in our price range. They include Vegetarian Lifestyle, Loving Hut!, Gongdelin, Elaines, Annamaya and more...I haven't found any health food stores or places where they would carry any specialty products like almond milk, vital wheat gluten, flaxmeal etc.. I'm sure they do, but I have no idea where yet and I will hopefully be able to translate the ingredients somehow?

The good news is that I read that Buddhist vegetarian restaurants are totally vegan, so we can do our sightseeing and support the monks and their food without guilt. I am looking to find a meditation or yoga place to relax or exercise. Maybe some Tai Chi in the early morning streets too. With the 600,000 people at the fair and millions more in the streets, we will be looking for a quiet retreat and somewhere to see the real China.