This trip has been thought about since the first day that Lucas and I started dating 2.5 years ago. He asked me to go to the world fair with him in 2010 and I thought it sounded wild, but I loved the idea because I dreamed of traveling to Asia most of my life and craved an adventure. Well, today that idea is happening and we are leaving to fly to Shanghai in a couple hours! We have our bags packed and have researched the best restaurants, shopping, sights and pavilions to see.

I have contacted the Shanghai Veggie Club and actually got 3 ladies responding on vegan Shanghai advice and Lucas and I will actually be able to meet one of the girls when we are there! She has a restaurant opening in November called Annie's Cafe which is a vegan restaurant in downtown Shanghai. We will be cooking together with some American products I'm bringing (blue agave, garbanzo bean flour and carob chips) and some trusted cookbooks: Native Foods, Babycakes & Viva Vegan! I can't wait to bring Latin and American vegan food to China!

I will tell more and send pics when we finally meet and get to explore Chinese cooking and new Shanghai friends! Talk to you in China!