My final thoughts on China are that I appreciate everything I have here in America. I couldn't imagine living in China for any amount of time where there is no freedom of speech, women are a lower class, and organization and common courtesy are thrown into the wind. The people I met and the experiences I had while there were life changing, but I really didn't know it until my last day. I missed home desperately even though I can usually never think of anything but how much I want to leave. I felt almost pro-America for a bit even though I disagree with many decisions from the way of life and government. But I appreciate everything I am allowed to hate and love about where I live and what I do. I appreciate that it's my decision to fail if I want to. I also missed the culture I didn't know I was so keenly apart of without completely realizing it. The way people live their lives in other countries have always fascinated me, but I love the way I live here. I wrote a list of things I will miss and not miss about China below.

All I am saying is, I could never be away from the amazing food quality and variety I have here, the quality of air, the quality of life and the freedoms that are usually numb to my brain but I feel strongly for anyway. A place that is ridden with traditions, yet is throwing themselves into the largest economy is pretty amazingly unorganized and behind the times. China feels like the 1900's with too many people, technologies and money to know what to do with itself. The great facade that is China will soon go through a cultural revolution once again, but this time I hope for the better. I do not believe the people will stand for what they are given once the truths and better lives are known, and once they have the power to make world decisions.

Things I will miss and like about China:

Seeing the Great Wall and it's grandeur

The gourmet vegan food of JuJuBe

The cheapness of food and taxis


The foreigners we met while in Shanghai

The 100 varieties of mushrooms and dumplings always at my disposal

Things I will NOT miss about China:

The toilets, lack of toilet paper and soap.

The polluted, gray bubble of death (the sky)

the people who jabbed at me to get to front of any line, anywhere

The butt-less pants of Chinese babies

The 900 mile train ride of death

The Japanese Pavilion line with poop smells from who-knows-where

Chinese government blocking my gmail and facebook account