This restaurant is to die for! Definitely the most upscale, amazing vegan food ever created. I'm used the vegan fast food in Southern California and the prices, so I was shocked when I saw the prices for the food - But it's well worth it. (Best thing about it is they never mention it is vegan in NYC but it's an "organic eatery" so mostly everyone was fancy, dressed up, and didn't look vegan - most people who have been here still didn't know about the vegan part - shh don't tell).

I had to make reservations because they were completely booked for 3 days! I made a reservation on a Tuesday at 8pm and still had to wait 30 minutes for the people to leave our table. It's okay because they have amazing cocktails. I ordered the sangria and it was pretty amazing and got me pretty tipsy fast. It's good because I stopped looking at prices and started splurging on more drinks, appetizers, dinner and desserts!

We ordered the fried dumplings and the stuffed avocado dish. Both were pretty good. There were free "chef's special" little toast and pate things going around that were really good. We ate them so fast they thought we didn't get any and we got seconds ;).

For dinner, I got their most popular dish the seitan piccata. It was the best meal EVER. I could eat that every day, and I'm really trying to copy a recipe of it because it was just a perfect dish. Layers of medium cut seitan "tenders" with a creamy, lemon caper sauce over a bed of steamed spinach. This was the best dish and I highly recommend it!!! Everyone at the table tried a bite and was pretty jealous of my plate over theirs.

The guys got the chili grilled seitan (a Mexican feeling dish), and another seitan dish I don't see on their menu anymore (but it was good too). Dessert was VEGAN CANNOLI. I know..after I passed out with disbelief, I devoured the super crispy crust and perfect creamy inside and ice cream. I thought I would never eat that again.

Overall, this place is expensive, we spent $100 each - which is crazy for food - but I loved every minute of it. They have catering and this would be the perfect meal for a vegan wedding. It's well presented, has great flavors, and the ambiance of a fancy restaurant with awesome drinks, dinners and desserts!