So, we took the trip to New York and had a hot by fun time with Lucas' family. It was 95 degrees and HUMID so we died of exhaustion for a couple days. Of course we had super amazing vegan food - but with a NYC price tag (still worth it for setian piccatta and cannoli at Candle 79, review will be next!).

Our trip was mostly helping around the house, cooking, cleaning and visiting. On the cooler days we ventured out to the park and saw the Metropolitan museum. There was the Alexander McQueen exhibit that was hoppin' with lines around the building, but we went for a more modest ancient Egypt trip. Our favorite was the quiet and dark area of nighttime photography. I love lights at night in old photographs, so this was the winner.

We took a small boat ride in the river and took some pictures where I could finally see Central Park with leaves. It was glorious with the lush, green plants and trees surrounding every part of the park. There were many birds I never see in California so I scanned the way for the American Robin and other bright colored winged friends. We also found Turtle Pond which was filled with medium sized snap turtles and one monster sized turtle in the pond cooling off and chasing each other. We even saw three on a log leaning on each other for some warmth in the sun.

The best part of the trip was getting a phone call from Southern California Edison for a phone interview. It was unexpected and eventually has lead to my new job as Process Engineer! I'm absolutely excited to be apart of an energy company and especially doing what I want and love to do! I have some free time off between jobs right now, so I doubled up on school for five weeks and I'm anxiously awaiting my first day in July!

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="314" caption="Boat Ride"][/caption]