I flew to Oakland last weekend for Karla's graduation from UC Berkeley. It was a solo trip since Lucas had finals the week after, but it was still a fun trip. I was able to see more of Berkeley than before and I was really excited to see the city for a couple days and of course eat at every restaurant possible.

I got there Thursday morning and got breakfast at Green Earth Cafe and Bakery. I got a tempeh rueben that was just okay. I then headed to Cinnaholic where they have an all vegan "cinnabon" with deluxe toppings. The worker was really nice so he gave me advice on which restaurants to go to for the weekend and customers gave me tips on the best coffee places in Oakland and SF.

Friday was my day in San Fran and I couldn't stop smiling as roamed the streets in Embarcadero, SOMA, and Market street. The city was vibrant and full of life as it hit lunch time in the financial district. I grabbed my vegan donut and soy cappuccino and met street artists and watched the bay. I people watched to see how people live in SF. I love the chaos of city life, seeing diverse people and backgrounds come together for a picnic on the lawn. I walked from Embarcadero to Powell street and came back to Berkeley.

We saw the city by car which is not my favorite mode of transportation there, but it was interesting to finally see Marin county and the lush forests of the north. We drove my the palace of fine arts which is beautiful and a place I must go when Lucas is with me next time. Friday night we went clubbing where lots of alcohol was consumed but someone we successfully got home on the drunk bus to Berkeley.

Saturday was the graduation where I got some massive sun burns, but decided to go clubbing one more time. This was not as fun because of the crowd. Everyone was too dressed up and everyone was VIP. The guys were creepers and wanted to grab any girl that was in an arms reach away.

Sunday was the last day where we relaxed, talked, and hung out. I felt more at home in Berkeley and San Francisco than I ever do here, and it must be on the horizon for my next place to live and explore.