Demitasse is a perfect spot to hang out, have great coffee, and walk around Little Tokyo. My boyfriend and I take a walk here on Sundays to use the free wifi and get the amazing the Iced Minty Cubano! Its an iced latte that they muddle fresh mint in, shake and serve. There is little bits of mint left and its super refreshing. We tried the Kyoto Iced Coffee and it tasted extremely sour, which is not my favorite type of coffee. The presentation is fancy, but its not my cup of tea (coffee).

Take a walk here on the weekend, check out the fun Japanese stores (there is a fun Japanese art store a couple stores away and its next door to the place where there are cat houses in a clothing store and a kitty hangs out all day), and relax on the patio. Watch out for the prime homeless corner, you will get asked for money at least 2 or 3 times, but its still a relaxing time.

The pros: Great coffee, nice/knowledgeable staff, great ambiance, wifi Best Drink: Iced Minty Cubano with Soy!

Cons: Homeless hot spot, sit outside at your own risk