I heard about this restaurant from a girl in America who said this was the most amazing restaurant in Paris. They had chocolate vegan croissants and the woman who owned it was from America and super nice.

Hmm. However, I had a completely different experience here.

I rushed over to the restaurant knowing they have very odd French hours. Breakfast ends at 11 and lunch starts at noon. I wanted breakfast with loads of croissants, so I arrived late, but on time at 10:50. I ask them if they have the croissants and they said they got rid of anything not organic including all pastries! Very sad indeed. We were not able to order lunch (which is a better menu) so we looked through breakfast. The waiter took 20 minutes to come back (at 11:10) and took our order for breakfast. He came back short after to tell us that the chef denied our request to eat (in an empty restaurant!) and we could no longer order anything at all until 12! He then simply walked away without caring that he had something to do with this... We waited another hour and ordered lunch, because there was no point in finding some other restaurant now, and finally ordered our food.

I got the portobello sandwich and my boyfriend got the seitan dish. The portobello was just average and the seitan was fairly good. But nothing to write more about. It was $60 euros for two meals and coffee. Kind of crazy prices and no empathy from any waiters on our starving-ness. I wouldn't go back here, but the food was ok. There are not too many vegan only spots in Paris that are real restaurants, so that's why it still gets a 3 star. Also, it is common service in France, so it wasn't too out of the ordinary.