We arrived at the Milan World Expo 2015 yesterday. Compared to the Shanghai World Expo in 2011, the park is less crazy and the fair is a bit less over-the-top - but that's not a bad thing. There are no crazy lines on the weekdays at least, and at night the air is cool and the crowds go away so there are no lines and you can basically walk into any exhibit. 

On Monday, we went to the Coffee cluster and toured the Illy sponsored area. Next, the UK pavilion which had a globe structure with lights that showed live activity of a bee hive in England. The Austria pavilion was a forest with cool air, but not much to see. Germany was the best of the day with special cards that you could walk around with and put under different projectors to get language-appropriate videos and information. The American pavilion was much better than in Shanghai because it was *less* sponsored, but the food truck area that had country music was just a bit embarrassing and the garden wall is not built yet..

For food, there was a massive variety. Every country has their own food, along with sponsored areas like Eataly and Illy, then there are "clusters" which show off different important food groups from fruit to chocolate. Eataly had amazing Farinata (a chickpea and oil pancake), Illy had amazing Marocchino, there was gyoza, and quinoa bowls too.