On our second day in Milan, we ran around the city getting sim cards and amazing food before the expo. This time we tried Alhambra Café, a vegan restaurant near Chinatown in Milano. Each vegan place is mostly a weighed-food place that also gives free bread and tea. Alhambra had many homemade looking dishes ranging from Italian food like lasagna to seitan sausage and kale to dal. We piled on the food and they heated it up in their little oven. We sat down for a bread basket and hummus already set out. We noticed they didn’t change out the bread when someone would leave the table (this was for the extra probiotics needed for digestion). The food was amazing and we had a huge variety of healthy and savory dishes all for about $30 for two.
Best dishes:
  • ·         Seitan sausage and kale dish
  • ·         Cheesy lasagna
  • ·         Eggplant lasagna
  • ·         Samosas
  • ·         Thinly sliced potatoes
The girl at the counter spoke great English and was able to help us pick the items out. This was our favorite restaurant in Milan and it is highly recommended!