Bio Sound System Vegetarian and Vegan Café is a small vegetarian and vegan restaurant on Lido island (which is a short boat ride from Venice). We took the 1 waterbus to Lido and walked for about a minute to see this hidden place. This is the ONLY vegan restaurant in the Venice area and the food was quite good. Don’t bother going to get sad pasta marinara in Venice or the cheese-less pizza with a few puny mushrooms on top. These aren’t vegan options, but bird food. Feed it to the pigeons and head over to Lido for a real meal.

Bio Sound System’s name was a bit confusing at first, but the owner explained it was a meaning about a bio (biological) sound (balanced) system (body). The food options were pretty varied but included many traditional Italian pasta dishes, seitan piccata, and Indian. We started with a mix of all the appetizers that included hummus, pate, and bruschetta. Next, we had the seitan piccata half with capers and half with asparagus, and dal with wine, and for dessert we had the chocolate and carrot/ginger cakes. Yes, we are the fat Americans eating everything…but it’s okay because it was great food at the only option on the tiny island.

90% of the items are vegan, the rest have some cheese. The staff speak English and are very helpful and nice. There is no service fee and tipping required like many Venice locations, and the crowds are far away so you won't die in a sea of insanity. If that's what you're actually looking for, definitely try out San Marco's square.