Kindred - San, Diego, CA

Kindred is one of the most magical places I have ever visited. San Diego usually pales in comparison to the LA vegan scene, but literally no other restaurant tops the ambiance of this place. Plus the food and drinks and high-class, interesting, and really tasty!

There is so much to say about every detail of the decor of this restaurant before talking about the food. There is an overall Neverending Story theme, but it's also just kind of eclectic. There is a massive Wolf head with snakes wrapped around it in the back of the restaurant. There is even a table you can get right under his head! The checks come in old Choose Your Own Adventure books, the two-seat tables they have are custom designed so the table spins out so you can get in and it looks like a middle eastern theme (to me), the walls are all covered in pink wallpaper with intricate designs and the restaurant has these big garage-door style openings so everything is open to the fresh air. I loved this place!

Now...let's talk about food. To top off this beautiful restaurant, this is all vegan. They serve weekend brunch, lunch and dinner. I went to dinner and got the seitan skewers with chimichurri sauce which were to die for and as big as a full meal. For dinner I got the highly celebrated  seared cauliflower stake with beet sauce - the other half got the Tempeh on Rye with homemade chips. For brunch we got the sweet crepe and the tofu scramble. Everything was super good, and if I had to choose I would pick dinner over brunch. I would also go back for the popcorn appetizer, the sandwiches, and the soy curl dishes.


Tempeh on Rye:

Seared Cauliflower Steak: