Romantic Road Trip with Vegan Eats

The Romantic Road (Romantische Straße) is a 220 mile route through old German towns in Bavaria. We traveled almost all of it going from Nuremberg to Rothenburg ob de Tauber to Augsburg to Fussen and finally driving back to Munich. There are some beautiful towns along the way and some secret vegan spots too. We took the train from Berlin to Nuremberg, rented a car (got a crazy fast BMW), got on the Autobahn, turned on Kraftwerk's "Autobahn" on repeat and drove 1 million mph/kph. Here's what we did, ate, and stayed on our trip. Ridiculous people will say vegans will die on this trip from hunger, but obviously that's not true. Stick to the restaurants and cities we stayed in, and you will have fantastic food, meet great people, and see the old Germany along the way. 


Our first stop from the train was in Nuremberg (aka Nürnberg). This is a modern city that has some beautiful bridges and churches. But of course, I'm there for the the true beauty - vegan cat cafes! Katzentempel is a vegan restaurant chain / cat cafe that is growing all over Germany! The Nuremberg location opened only a few weeks before we arrived and it was fantastic. They have homemade coffee drinks, seitan sandwiches, burgers, and cats roaming around to greet you while you eat.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber:
We got the car and drove to Rothenburg ob der Tauber that same night. This is an amazing, beautiful, old city. This is the city you think about when you think old German town. You can roam around the fortress walls, through the cobblestone streets, and visit the Christmas stores all year round. The food is pretty bare here, but we managed to get some sandwiches and soup at Cafe Einzigartig and visit the little vegan store in town for some homemade vegan chocolate gingerbread cookies and other snacks at Lebe Gesund

To stay - We stayed in a cute hotel when you go right inside the walls of Rothenburg. It's called Prinzhotel Rothenburg. It was well located, and did the job for the night so I would recommend it during your stay.

Rothenburg sites

Lebe Gesund
Lebe Gesund

Cute streets of Rothenburg ob der Tauber

K-41 became one of our favorite restaurants in Germany. It's all slow cooked, homemade food that is a random mix of Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, etc. The owner is a super nice guy who just cooks a bunch of dishes overnight, and serves a soup, huge plate of food, and small smoothie dessert at the end. Everything is 7 euro - which is super cheap for what you get. We ended up going there for dinner and lunch the next day because the food was great and the owner was nice too. 

To stay - We stayed in a kinda funky hotel that was cheap, but worked out. I don't think I would recommend it, but it was super convenient and walkable to K41, the main city, and a church that has the oldest stained glass in the world. InterCityHotel Augsburg. 
K41 mixed plate
Oldest stained glass windows

The final destination of the trip was Fussen - the beautiful city where Neuschwanstein castle is (near). It's a city on the border of Germany and Austria and is a spectacular place to see the view, drive by grazing cows, and enjoy the huge forests lush with trees and rivers. The air smells of manure all the time on the way there, so roll the windows up and enjoy the view from the inside :) . We walked from our hotel to Beim Olivenbauer which literally blew my mind with the - best beer - I'll ever drink along with fantastic vegan options all in a weird/quirky German restaurant. We were fighting over the Potato Croquettes and the Carrot Zucchini Burger with potatoes for sure - it sounds boring but it was (as usual in Germany) a nice, homemade vegetable concoction with tons of flavor. Get some hot tomato soup. Then drink my favorite beer, the Tante Paula, which is a light beer that was super smooth, felt like drinking water, yet made me buzzed in 10 seconds lol. 

On the way out, we had our final meal at a nice cafe/restaurant called Bio Cafe Baumgarten which has a vegan crepe and will make a nice oat milk cappuccino right in town. 

To stay - We stayed at Hotel Fantasia in Fussen. I really loved staying there because it's walking distance to our favorite restaurant in the city, it's a few mile drive to the castle, and it was great for walks to the forest and short hikes on the Austrian border. 
Bio Cafe Baumgarten
Crepe at Bio Cafe Baumgarten
Austrian border and walking path
Beer at Beim Olivenbauer

Potato Croquettes at Beim Olivenbauer
Carrot Zucchini burger - Beim Olivenbauer

Neuschwanstein Castle

Cows of the Romantic Road

We ended the trip in Munich, dropped off the car and stopped listening to Kraftwerk on repeat after the millionth time of hearing "Autobahn" while driving 8 million miles an hour. We again ate at Katzentemel this time in Munich. They have the same food options, different cats, and it's just as nice as Nuremberg. We grabbed coffee at this amazing vegan cafe with coffee and pastries (chocolate croissantssss) called Lost Weekend - just always get the oat milk iced/hot lattes everywhere. The best restaurant we had was Max Pett. It's more expensive than most restaurants in Germany (more LA prices) but they have great brunch, dinner and desserts. 

To stay - We stayed in the main city area where all the hotels were - but that was a mistake. That place is crayyyy and has a lot of strip clubs and crazytowns. The hotel was fine, but I would stay at an AirBNB somewhere closer to the city center next time. It's called Cocoon Stachus if you're up for it. It's walking distance to the main railway station and easy to get to the airport. Run by Backwerk for some borek spinat (spinach pastry) on the way to the train too.
Curry at Katzentempel Munich

Max Pett

Max Pett - Omelette brunch

English Garden


Monster Pretzels of the English Garden