After being in Berlin a month, I'm finally starting to find my favorite products and shopping spots. Berlin shops are interesting because you can go to 10 different stores and not see the same smaller brands. It seems that many specialized products have deals with grocery chains to only sell exclusively. So my favorite new vegan brand Terra Vegane, for example, is only at Denn's Biomarkt and Dr. Pogo and no where else! One of my new favorite sparkling mates, Lamate, is only at Rewe, and I've only seen some special Mexican products I know from the US at Edeka. You really have to shop around to find that favorite item. 

At first, I was mostly shopping at my local store, Rewe, but after visiting different stores around the city, I realized I was missing out on a ton of products. I thought the vegan chain Veganz would have all my favorite products, but I found out since they closed most of their stores, they are focusing on their own brand and reducing competing vegan products - making it really hard to find the best brands there! I found the veganz options for seitan and cheeze to be absolutely terrible and I started making my own...until I found Dr. Pogo. 

Dr. Pogo is a small shop in Neukölln and has every product I was looking for. I ventured all the way out there, but it was worth it. It is a small shop that sells all vegan products from food to cleaning products and even has a little cafe and baked goods. I went this week and stock piled my favorite Terra Vegane products including a really mind blowing seitan/lupine salami that is my new fav. They also have every VioLife cheese imaginable, so you don't have to eat that plastic shit cheese anymore. They have a semi-okay coffee whitener/creamer called Whity...hmm...and that cute package was a fantastic little chocolate/nutty/caramel bar. Finally, they have one of the best chocolate croissants I've had here so far. Take some cash with you because they don't take your dirty credit cards, obviously.