I haven’t written an entry in months! This summer has been so busy and hot that I have been working, traveling, and exploring too much to write. Since my last post, I got my visa and started working, started a vegan potluck meetup, and traveled to Vienna and Belgium. I worked more than I thought I would in Germany and traveled less, but hopefully this fall that will change. Here are some highlights of the summer and things I’ve learned to like and not like about Berlin:


The people we’ve met here are pretty awesome.

After starting the potluck meetup, we’ve met many vegan foreigners like us who are from everywhere, love to eat, and are mostly in tech too. It’s been amazing to find people who we get along with and have things in common. We’re even planning trips to travel with some new friends too. In LA I struggled to find people that were social or would hang out more than once because of FOMO or because we lived too far away. With everyone living in the city center and never more than a bike ride or max 20 min. train ride away, you can be more spontaneous.

Vegan food and amazing coffee… is everywhere

There is so much good, sometimes healthy, and cheap food here. There are also more flexitarians who are willing to eat at vegan restuarants without crying about it. I also haven’t had to explain myself at nauseam like at every other place I’ve lived. I’ve loved eating 5€ vegan doner kebab to a fresh bowl of soup and hearty German bread at the yoga place across the street.


The service and attitudes of Germans can be lacking

From service workers, to pharmacies, to people on the street, you will either get someone really nice or somone who will walk pass you on the street and shoulder check you with never saying anything like sorry or excuse me, while they are smoking a cigarette over a baby. Sometimes I miss America for even the fake niceness or courteousness - but then I remember America has bigger problems.