Downtown L.A. Walking Tour 2016 - Eat all the vegan food, drink great coffee, see historic sites!

Sep 24, 2016

This is an updated version of my 2014 LA Walking Tour with the same purpose but with updated fun things to do!

I have a common walk in downtown LA that I like to do and decided to put my common walk and food, drink and shopping spots on a map. In between this walking tour there are amazing views of downtown, the arts district, and less views of creepy-town USA spots and "pee-pee" corners (no joke). This is a fun walk that I bring my visitors when they want to see our favorite spots in LA. Have fun! See my notes below the map for secret tips!

A. Union Station: Beautiful, historic train station. Walk in the halls and stare at the ceiling. Don't forget to see the outside gardens too!
B. Olvera Street: This is literally the oldest place in Los Angeles and has cute Mexican markets, an old church, and even a cemetery. Pick up a sombrero for the rest of your walk, why not?
C. Burgerlords: Pick up the most fantastic vegan burger with vegan animal fries in Chinatown. Oh yea, there's Chinatown there too! They film a ton of shows and movies in this location, so enjoy.
D. Grand Park: Grand Park is a wonderful, newish park right in DTLA. They have tons of free events for music and food, so check out their site to see the schedule or you may just walk into a cool event by mistake.
E. Grand Central Market: Yes, this place is also historic and really cool now. Honestly, I didn't go here much until they changed up some of the restaurants for new ones like Ramen Hood (all vegan ramen!) and Golden Road (brewery with amazing pub pretzel, vegan mac&cheese, and perogis!) and the best coffee in LA, G&B (get their almond/macadamia nut milk sweetened latte - iced. You will be very happy.
F. Angel City Brewery: You just ate and got hopped up on coffee, so grab a beer too! Bring your dog and baby too apparently.
G. Shojin: Take a walk around Little Tokyo and the Arts District, and then you'll be starving and can head over to the best vegan Japanese restaurant ever. They have the best sushi and ramen, and don't forget dessert.. Pomegranate makes it, and it's fancy and good.
H. Poketo: Fine, I'll put some non-food stuff. This place is cute and you should go.
I. Van Leeuwen Artisanal Ice Cream: They have 10 flavors of bomb vegan ice cream and can even do sundaes. Enough said.
J. Stumptown Coffee: Portland's best coffee shop is in LA too. Now you don't have to quit your job and live the vagabond life, just go into far-off DTLA.

Cruzer Pizza - Fresh Vegan Pizza in LA

May 11, 2016

Cruzer Pizza is the best, freshest pizza in LA. So, I traveled out to the spot and wasn't sure about the place because the name didn't seem too vegany - so I wasn't sure if it was going to be half-vegan half-meaty-time or something which is always not as fun. But we got there, and it was advertising 100% vegan pizza, and has pizza, calzones, pasta, salad, sandwiches and desserts that are all vegan too. 

I ordered the calzone because that is pretty rare in the vegan pizza world. My only other pizza I've tried was zpizza and Native Foods - neither of which have calzones, so its a must. I ordered it with v-sausage and eggplant which all together is only $9.50 for a pretty huge sized calzone. 

Once I got it, I was amazed. The bread is homemade that day, so the pizza is SUPER soft and delicious. The daiya cheese inside with the sausage made everything that much better and makes it melt in your mouth. I devoured that, and I'm coming back for more the next moment I have. I even thought about going back for dinner the same night!

The service is super fast and they even deliver pizza if you're too lazy to go to Los Feliz. The place is tiny, but cute, with drawings all over the walls. The owner is really nice and helpful too. Some reviews hate on the pizza, but that's because they must like pizza that makes you feel sick inside. If you want good, kinda healthy pizza with fresh bread, and no dead animals on top, then come here!

Ramen Hood - Best Vegan Ramen in LA

May 10, 2016

This is my favorite ramen place and it's located right in DTLA at the historic Grand Central Market. It's all vegan so you don't have to slurp down pork butt broth! I love the spicy ramen with extra mushrooms. They flavor and grill the mushrooms in the most tasty way even the mushroom-hating husband loves them. Try adding the vegan egg for some laughs, but it's kinda squishy and weird in my opinion. Stop by G&B Coffee on your way out for some of the best coffee in LA too.

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Burgerlords - Best Vegan Burger in LA

May 10, 2016

Burgerlords is my new favorite burger joint! The Vegan Cheese burger is the best veg burger I've ever had, hands down. It's a homemade patty with eggplant, garbanzo beans, barley, leeks, celery and secret spices. They top it with Follow Your Heart cheese and thousand island! (note: FYH cheese and sauce is legit, it melts, and order extra thousand island for the fries.) Everything tastes similar to In-N-Out but without the dead animal inside to ruin it. Try it out!

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